Our Wedding: Flowers!

Let me begin by saying I truly could not be more in love with how the florals at our wedding turned out.  Yes,  am "that girl" who thinks that neutrals are the most beautiful colors in the world, and wanted to show off my love for them in a fun and beautiful way. I definitely think we succeeded!! To lots of people, neutral flowers may sound boring or blah, but personally I think they turned out to be beyond gorgeous. All of our florals were through our wedding planner at A Charleston Bride where they do all the florals in house.
My Bouquet

The flowers of my bouquet were the first example of our florals I saw all day and I fell in love instantly!  To make my bouquet extra special and personal, we had lace from my mother's wedding dress and my mother's rosary wrapped around the stems. 
 Bridesmaids Bouquets

For the overall decor, we layered different textures, sizes, heights, and shapes to create a vibrant space. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a wonderful Thursday!


Reception Venue: The River Course
Coordination: A Charleston Bride
Photography: Virgil Bunao 

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