Today I broke my cardinal rule of Thanksgiving outfits: always wear something flowy and forgiving.
For some reason, when I woke up, I rejected my free flowing outfit that I picked out a month ago, instead opting for a pretty tight (but very stretchy) dress from Anne Taylor.  I have no real reason for that decision, I just woke up feeling completely not in the mood to wear what I thought I would. Does that ever happen to you?
I love this dress, and even though by the end of the night and a serving of thirds (from the dessert table) I was a bit concerned about my very visible "food baby," it was comfy and warm all day long!
To compensate (or at least try to) for the potential post-turkey and pumpkin pie issues of this outfit, I wore this large Cardigan from SheInside that has become one of my favorite pieces. It is really a hybrid between a coat and a sweater, as it does have a bit of weight to it.  If you have never checked out SheInside before, you should. They have TONS of awesome pieces for really reasonable prices.  

I also wore my Dolce Vita wedge booties that are super comfortable and come in great neutral colors. I love them so much I am tempted to order this similar pair from Nordstrom (Nordstrom is having awesome Black Friday sales by the way...)
I also wore something that I thought was very appropriate for the holiday: this headpiece from anthropologie:
Normally I am not into hair accessories at all because my hair is super thick and unruly- any attempts I make to jazz it up in any way are usually futile. Needless to say, this was a bit wild for me. But, I thought this looked ok today; it made me feel very festive. Maybe you will see it again next Thanksgiving.
Mom & Sister
All day long I have been trying to make a mental list of things I am thankful for, and I am realizing that it is basically impossible for me to do that because the list would go on for infinity & beyond. 
That being said, here are some things I am particularly thankful for today (in no particular order)

Free Speech
Roof over my head
The Future
The Past
The Present
A warm bed
.... and all of you!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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