The amount of things, and most importantly, people that I have to be thankful for is too immense to even attempt to describe in words. So much has happened in the past year for me, and I am so thankful for this adventure that we call life. It may be unexpected, but it ends up to be beyond my dreams. Thank you to everyone who makes mine shine.

As you enjoy your Thanksgivings, I want to leave you with my most favorite quote from my most favorite film:

I firmly believe that love is smiling through all things.

Let's not find reasons to be unhappy! Happy Thanksgiving!

Sale Alert- Pink Friday!

It's that time of the year again! The Thanksgiving sales are starting early at Elaine Turner, as early as TODAY! This is a really good one too. Here are the details:

Tuesday: 25% off of all merchandise online at
Thursday: shoppers can celebrate Thanksgiving from the comfort of their homes with our Sip, Shop & Save event starting at 5pm to receive 30% off everything on the site!
Friday: guests receive a free iPad case with a $300 purchase plus more deals in store! (Houston, Dallas, NYC, San Antonio, and Nashville are the store locations).

Because Elaine Turner is seriously my favorite brand ever, and if you follow me on this blog you know I love to sing Elaine's praises, I will definitely be picking up some presents for myself and others during this excellent sale!!

Here are Elaine's favorite gifts of the season:

Happy Shopping!!!

What I Wore Today, 4 AM Edition!

Today I traveled back to LA for work, and our flight left the east coast at 6:50 am. To make it in time from where I live, that meant that I had to wake up at 3:55 am, try to pull myself together, and prepare myself for a five and a half hour flight (which I am SO grateful was direct, AND I was in an exit row, so I really cannot complain!).

Anyway, I am the absolute opposite of a morning person. I don't know what is more scary, the fact that I had to see 4 am, or that 4 am had to face my grumpy atitude.  I didn't feel "normal" again until we touched down in LA, and I had had 3 cups of coffee, made it through about 6 episodes of TV, and eaten a cookie.

With all the traveling I tend to do for work, I've gotten really good at knowing what works best for me for early flights or long trips. Today's outfit is a really good representation of what I love to wear for these occasions!

Starting with the bag, this is the greatest travel purse ever, and believe me, I have tried lots. This Tory Burch Soft Nylon Tote Bag (Tory Navy Geyser) was a college graduation gift from my fiancĂ© last May, but I was able to still find it for sale on amazon if anyone is interested! It is super light weight, but big in size, with a massive zippered (really secure) exterior pocket, and another nice roomy zippered pocket in the main interior, along with two handy slots for cell phone, lipgloss, etc. It has room for everything I need and everything is secured in with a zipper which makes me feel at ease carrying it in busy places, plopping it down in the TSA scanner, and stowing it away in the plane. Not to mention, the nylon material makes it easy to wipe away anything that may get on it. It really is the best. 

I love to travel in my Nike Flex Runs (New Version) because they are lightweight, so comfy, and easy to slip on and off (although I hear you're not actually supposed to do that with tennis shoes, whoops!). Plus, the pop of hot pink makes me happy!

Layering is key for me when I travel, and I like to start with a great base. Nothing is better than the Lululemon Wunder Under Crop leggings. Nothing. They are my second skin. I am now a proud owner of 6 pairs accumulated over years and years of love for them. I still have the first pair I ever bought and they are as good as new-- that is where your investment goes with these-- amazing quality that lasts forever. They are expensive for a legging, but trust me, they are worth every single penny. Plus they have tons of fun colors and patterns now!

Next,  I like to go with a lightweight long sleeve top, like this one from Splendid. I particularly like the longer silouette when wearing it with leggings. Finally, a cosy, blanket-like sweater is key. I am notorious for getting cold everywhere I go, so a sweater is a must. This Kersh Anchor Print Sweater (found at T.J. Maxx) is a favorite as I find the waterfall style to be nice and flattering, and I love the print/colors. It also has a nice drapey neck which adds to the warmth factor.

If you ever catch me in the airport super early in the morning, I may not quite know what is going on yet, but chances are I will be wearing something really similar to this because I know it works and I always feel good in it. Do you guys have any travel outfits that you love?

Have a great Hump Day!!

Getting into the Christmas Spirit! (A little early)

With all the busyness and travel going on in our lives right now and in the coming weeks, my fiancĂ© and I took the last 24 hours to really start getting into the spirit of the holiday season!  As I write this, I am listening to my freshly downloaded "Christmas At Downton Abbey" album and it is just as delightful as it sounds like it would be! I am currently wearing newly purchased Disney Christmas flannel Pajamas, and sipping on my first non Starbucks "home made" hot chocolate since last year, pretending it is not currently 80 degrees where I am in Florida.

Last night, we went to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom and it was our first time back there since we got engaged last January. It was such a fun night and we enjoyed every moment! Of course, we went back to the exact spot where Ben proposed and the rush of excitement hit me all over again.

Times like last night remind me how important the sharing of tradition is to me. Even though Ben and I have been together almost 8 years now, we have so many exciting new traditions to begin and experience together as we start our new lives together; the holidays are an excellent reminder of that!

Speaking of tradition, my outfit last night was full of it! Growing up, my mom used to take my sister and I to Old Navy every year for most holidays so that we could buy a fun seasonal t-shirt to wear. I always loved getting to pick out a Christmas one and that is a tradition that I haven't stopped! The shirt I wore last night, that says "Meet Me Under The Mistletoe" was my purchase last year from Old Navy's holiday tee shop. These are the ones I am eyeing for this year :

                  "You Wish"                    Pray For Snow"               "Mickey Mouse"         "Merry and Bright"

I hope you all had fantastic Mondays and are off to great enjoy a great week!