All About Glasses: Eyeglass Discounter!

This Spring/Summer season is all about accessories, my personal favorite being glasses. I've always loved sunglasses, and then (thanks to too many all-nighters reading off backlit screens in college), in my late teens I began having to wear eyeglasses. Thankfully, these days glasses are super cool and even if I didn't need to wear them, I think I would want to anyway!

When I was introduced to Eyeglass Discounter I was so impressed by the variety of discount glasses they offer! The selection includes high quality prescription glasses and sunglasses, featuring incredible designers like Prada and  Persol-- to of my most favorites, at unbelievable prices.

They also have very affordable options, and the Hipster Frames category has loads of them to choose from. The Pacific Coast Eyewear Tortoise Eyeglasses  and  U.S. Eyewear Scholar Series Boston Green Glasses (shown below) are my top picks from that category-- when I saw the prices I did a double take … it doesn't get better than that!

Here are some fun Spring/Summer outfits featuriring some pretty fabulous glasses!

I've been obsessed with Heart Shaped Sunglasses since the 90's when Britney Spears wore them and made them crazy popular. I still love them and lucky for me, they're back in style!!!

I hope you all have wonderful weekends!!!


Full Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, as in all sponsored posts, all opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own. 

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