A Bad Case of the Mondays

After an incredible vacation weekend with my boyfriend in sunny Florida, I returned home early this morning to a cold and rainy North Carolina. On the plane ride I home, I waited 45 minutes in the security line, I spilled coffee all over myself, and sat next to a crying toddler, all before 8 am.
Needless to say, when I got back home and was forced to change into something actually clean to wear for the day, all I wanted to do was put on a cozy sweater and stretchy pants to pull me from my slump- so thats what I did!

This extra cozy and comfy sweater is actually a maternity sweater... whoops! I saw it online and even though I knew it was maternity, I got it anyway because it just looked too irresistible ( I am a sucker for anything with hearts on it).  Regardless, I think it still fits well and is just a little extra roomy.  It is from New Look, and if you, too, enjoy wearing baggy clothing from time to time, maybe you should give it a try! I don't feel strange at all wearing it, just cozy!

These are J.Brand jeans I got forever ago, but after some extensive web searching I found a Similar pair on Revolveclothing.com (On Sale too!!!).  I think they are actually exactly the same, just a slightly different color. Anyway, I LOVE these pants as they are so comfortable and I think the ombre coloring adds some extra interest.  J.Brand is by far my favorite brand of jeans- if you have never tried them before you should!

 I usually always buy mine at consignment stores because most have so many designer jean brands that it is pretty much unnecessary to ever buy a pair for full price.  If you live in the NC area, make the trip to Charlotte because consignment store  J.T. Posh always has an incredible selection.

I hope you are all off to great weeks!!

Hitting the Skies

Hello friends!! I have exciting news- I am currently eating a massive cheese burger in Bad Daddies (Charlotte NC Airport), typing this, and praying I don't spell ketchup on this Cloth and Stone white shirt I love so much.

I always struggle when deciding what to wear to airports. My dad, who always travels in a suit, or at the least a button down and slacks, taught me to dress well in airports if you want to be treated well yourself.  Well, as a chronically stressed traveler, I always try my best to look presentable when I fly as to not jinx myself.  I know thats sounds super weird, but its just how I was brought up!

Anyway, today was particularly complicated because I went to class all day and then drove two hours to the airport- needless to day I had to be comfy. This is what I came up with:
So I'm sure this outfit seems super simple to all of you, probably because it is, but I am wearing four of my key favorite items. 

1. My Citizens of Humanity Jeggings: OK, so in theory I think that jeggings (leggings that are denim and stretchy) should only be worn by small children or people that are constantly running around (cough cough not me), but in reality they are just SO comfortable. I just ate a huge meal and they still feel great.
2. My Stone and Cloth white button down from Anthropology: I am not a huge fan of button downs because I hate feeling confined inside my clothing, but this one, I love. It is baggy, light weight, and so comfy. Needless to say, I wear it way to often, 
3. My fringe booties: Unfortunately they are really hard to see in this picture, but they are brown leather  booties with fringe around the ankles. They have a chunky heel that makes them comfy but also fun to wear. 
update: I was able to snap a picture of these gems: 

4. My Neverfull Louis Vuitton tote: I LOVE this bag. This is by far my most favorite bag I have ever owned.  I remember being little and gazing at it through the store windows, and when I turned 21, my amazing parents got it for me as a birthday present. I have probably used it every day since. It is so well made and can fit everything I could ever need on a daily basis. If you are ever considering purchasing an "investment piece" as I like to call it, definitely consider this, it will literally last you forever. 

Thats all for now! Let me know what your go-to travel outfits are. 


Oh and have a wonderful end of your week!!!

My Lipstick Picks

Hi everyone! I hope you have all had wonderful Wednesdays. Today I want to talk about something very dear to my heart (and I am sure to many other women in the world): LIPSTICK.
Whenever I walk into any kind of cosmetic store, I am always drawn to the sections that have colorful lipsticks. Because I have a major sweet tooth, I always compare it to being in a candy store... so many delicious colors to choose from!

Here are my top lipstick picks for 2013.  Let me know what yours are!

From Left To Right: 
1. YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in Candy Apple: If you have read any of my previous posts, I'm sure this looks familiar to you. This is honestly one of the smoothest, most moisturizing lipsticks I have ever tried. It gives you a strong color that still moisturizes. 
Cons: Because it is more glossy and sheer, it does not stay all day long and I would not recommend putting it on right before a meal or drinking a glass of wine. 

2. Christian Dior Rouge Dior (775 Darling): This lipstick is also super moisturizing, but much more matte that YSL Sheer Candy. I love this color because it is red, but not a super intense red. It is a great compromise for those of you who (like me) have not ventured into the realm of chili pepper red lips, but still want a punch of strong color that lasts ALL day long. 
Cons: None, I only wish the tube was bigger!!

Wearing Sephora Number 12
3. Sephora Number 12 (2171 A): I apologize that this one does not have a fun name or bottle, but I have to say this is honestly one of the best lipsticks out there. The entire line is absolutely incredible and well priced.  This matte lipstick stays on all day, even through big meals. My boyfriend recently took me on a date where we ate a huge steak dinner and drank red wine... it stayed on the entire meal and all night long! He also complimented how nice it looked ;)                                                      Cons: Because it is matte, if your lips are really dry I would not recommend putting this on as it will only accentuate any cracks you may have.
4. Illamsqua Immodest: Purchase this color/ brand if you want your lipstick to last all day. I wore this color every day (whoops) over the summer while I was working in NYC and it stayed all day long without reapplying-- if you know anything about NYC in the summer you will understand how hot it gets there. The color is also very vibrant and looks good with anything. 
Cons: Under NO circumstances should you ever wear this lipstick unless your lips are lusciously smooth. I tried to force it some days when I was particularly chapped- the result is not pretty. At all. It is extremely matte and gives absolutely no moisture. 

5. Christian Dior Lip Glow: This is my everyday pick as it provides just enough color and gloss to amp up any look. It is definitley subtle, but I guarantee you once you try it you will be hooked. I see it as Chapstick for stylish adults!
Cons: There is not a lot of color in it as it just amps up the existing color of your lips. If you are looking for a dramatic impact, this is not for you.

6. Sarah Happ The Lip Slip: This is technically a lip balm and not a lipstick, but it is worth mentioning anyway. This balm is so rich and moisturizing while somehow still managing to feel light. I swipe some of this on when I am running errands or even working out. I even wear it to sleep! I highly recommend if you live somewhere cold, don't like lipstick, or are prone to chapped lips. 
Cons: Its not a lipstick so its hard to compare to the others... 
Shout out to my mom for discovering Sarah Happ and all her luscious goodies!

So, can you guess which one my favorite is?? I love all of these, but the best is Christian Dior's Rouge Dior.  The pinky-red shade goes on so smoothly, lasts forever, and never lets me down!

!!!!!!THE WINNER!!!!!!

Let me know what you think!

PS:  I don't have it right now because I left it behind on a recent trip to my parents house, but Josie Maran's Fuchsia Frolic is absolutely incredible! My boyfriend's mom introduced it to me and I'm hooked, it has argon oil in it which is super hydrating but also gives good color coverage. 

A Small Hello to Fall Fashion!

Happy Tuesday everyone!
I hope you all had a fabulous Monday & Tuesday, and are off to a great start to the week. Here in North Carolina, the temperatures are finally starting to cool off and I could not be more excited. I LOVE fall weather because my favorite clothes are all sweaters, boots, and cozy clothes in general.

So far this season, I have purchased a couple new items, two of which I will tell you guys about today!!

The first is a pair of gorgeous suede ankle booties from Banana Republic. This style is sold out online, but if you have a store near you they may still have some in stock!

They come in this "mushroom" colored suede and also black leather. I think they are really cool because of the indentation (V Shape) on the top of the boot... for some reason I feel like it makes my legs look longer (who doesn't want that)!
They are having a 40 and then 35 percent off sale for the next day or so so hurry and check out their great shoe selection! I also love these booties - check them out here:

Ok, so you guys might not find this as exciting as I do, but I have discovered the coziest pajamas at Target! Sadly, I can't find them online, but if you live near a Target, stop by and check out if they are in stock. 
What I love most about this set (thermal top and pants) is that they are snuggly warm, but not hot. I have gotten them already in three colors, the light pink and leopard shown below, grey polka dot and stripe, and hot pink polka dot and stripe. The set is a mix and match style- which I think is super cute.
It is hard to tell from the picture, but the pants are slim fitting (like a loose pair of leggings) whereas the top is slightly more roomy-- making for a cozy outfit. 

Have a fabulous evening!
xo, Grace