Hitting the Skies

Hello friends!! I have exciting news- I am currently eating a massive cheese burger in Bad Daddies (Charlotte NC Airport), typing this, and praying I don't spell ketchup on this Cloth and Stone white shirt I love so much.

I always struggle when deciding what to wear to airports. My dad, who always travels in a suit, or at the least a button down and slacks, taught me to dress well in airports if you want to be treated well yourself.  Well, as a chronically stressed traveler, I always try my best to look presentable when I fly as to not jinx myself.  I know thats sounds super weird, but its just how I was brought up!

Anyway, today was particularly complicated because I went to class all day and then drove two hours to the airport- needless to day I had to be comfy. This is what I came up with:
So I'm sure this outfit seems super simple to all of you, probably because it is, but I am wearing four of my key favorite items. 

1. My Citizens of Humanity Jeggings: OK, so in theory I think that jeggings (leggings that are denim and stretchy) should only be worn by small children or people that are constantly running around (cough cough not me), but in reality they are just SO comfortable. I just ate a huge meal and they still feel great.
2. My Stone and Cloth white button down from Anthropology: I am not a huge fan of button downs because I hate feeling confined inside my clothing, but this one, I love. It is baggy, light weight, and so comfy. Needless to say, I wear it way to often, 
3. My fringe booties: Unfortunately they are really hard to see in this picture, but they are brown leather  booties with fringe around the ankles. They have a chunky heel that makes them comfy but also fun to wear. 
update: I was able to snap a picture of these gems: 

4. My Neverfull Louis Vuitton tote: I LOVE this bag. This is by far my most favorite bag I have ever owned.  I remember being little and gazing at it through the store windows, and when I turned 21, my amazing parents got it for me as a birthday present. I have probably used it every day since. It is so well made and can fit everything I could ever need on a daily basis. If you are ever considering purchasing an "investment piece" as I like to call it, definitely consider this, it will literally last you forever. 

Thats all for now! Let me know what your go-to travel outfits are. 


Oh and have a wonderful end of your week!!!

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