I have never been more excited to write something in my whole life!  On January 1. 2014, at about 12:01 am, Ben proposed at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World, in front of Cinderella's castle and below amazing New Years fireworks. It was truly the most magical and incredible moment of my life.

Obviously, when he got down on one knee and heard his sweet proposal, I said yes immediately! I was so shocked and overjoyed that I struggled to find words after that!

So here is how our day went: 

I flew to visit Ben the day after Christmas to celebrate with his parents and grandparents who were also down there visiting him.  Our 7 year anniversary of dating was on January 1, 2014, so I was also planning on staying to celebrate that with him, too! Little did I know that it would be the best anniversary EVER!

The last day that his family was here (New Years Eve), we all decided to go to Magic Kingdom to celebrate.  His family has Disney in their blood-- they have gone once a year (or more) since Ben was a baby (over 27 times I think!).  His grandparents used to go with him when he was younger, but they had not gone with him in over 20 years.  I was so excited because I knew what a special day it would be to have them be with Ben again in a place where they share so many amazing family memories.
Here Ben is with his grandfather in the magic kingdom over 20 years ago!

In the days before, we did a bit of research on the Magic Kingdom on New Years Eve, and every site we found said the same thing: You HAVE to get there early if you want to get in at all. Turns out they close admittance to the park when it reaches capacity: 600,000 people. HUGE right!?

Sure enough, we ate some doughnuts and got there at 7:30 am, already greeted by swarming lines and masses of people.  A woman told us later that they did end up closing the park from about 9:30am-1:30pm, so its great that we got there so early!!

As soon as we walked in, I was in the best mood-- something that did not go away for the rest of the day! Even though there were lots of people there, the excitement of the New Year was tangible. We were able to ride a lot of rides before the huge crowds hit. One of the highlights was riding Small World with Ben's grandmother who LOVES that ride. 

We had lunch in Belle's Castle which was delicious and wonderful, spending the rest of the afternoon wandering around the park together. At about 9:00pm, we were able to get amazing seats to watch the firework show that was set to start around 11:50pm.  Ben had picked out the spot earlier in the day-- an alcove overlooking the castle-- which I thought was very thorough of him, but I still suspected nothing!

While we were waiting for the fireworks to start, I spent time chatting with Ben and his parents. At one point I asked them what their favorite Disney memory was, and Ben's dad responded "The fireworks tonight." I asked him how that was his favorite if they hadn't even happened yet, and he responded that he just knew that they would be incredible. I still didn't suspect anything!! Looking back, I should have!

Before the show started, Ben and his dad set up small cameras to record us watching the fireworks, which I thought was a bit strange because they were facing us and not the fireworks or the castle. I didn't really think twice about it, though, because they have been making home videos forever, and I knew the right angles to capture things at. I just assumed it was something that they did all the time!

The fireworks started before midnight, and Ben and I were snuggled up together in the front row, holding hands and watching the amazing show. At midnight, there was a countdown, and as the big fireworks started after that, Ben got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, seamlessly removing the ring in a box from his pocket, popping it open with the ring in perfect position. Not to mention, his mom took pictures of the whole thing!

I was honestly so surprised and full of joy that the rest of everything that happened goes in slow motion when I remember it. I know that I immediately said YES, and then the GORGEOUS ring slid on my finger to fit perfectly, and of course, I cried and cried (tears of extreme happiness).  The people around us cheered and took pictures, and they even announced it on the loud speakers of the Magic Kingdom! Honestly, I cannot imagine anything more perfect or amazing for Ben and I. The proposal was more incredible than I could have ever dreamed of. 

Disney is OFFICIALLY the place where dreams come true!!!!!!

I am so thankful to my amazing fiancé and how thoughtful he is. I could never have pulled something like this off as seamlessly as he and his family managed to do.  I cannot wait to get started on all of the wedding planning and the rest of our lives together!


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