Meet Grace

Hi Friends!

I am a North Carolina girl born and raised, went to college at Wake Forest, and now live with my husband in central Florida.  My favorite things are a great hug, warm socks, and a delicious cup of coffee.
  • We have an all white English Bulldog named Brutus.
  • In my spare time, you can find me painting, decorating my house, reading, or shopping in my closet.
  • I'm not a very good athlete, but I love watching sports and absolutely LOVE to ski.
  • I love to travel and draw inspiration from other cultures.
  • I firmly believe in miracles. 
  • Two of the most important things to me are having an open mind and an open heart. 
  • Being kind and showing love to all unconditionally can take you further in life than anything else. 
  • I could eat pasta every single day of the week.

I am SO glad you're here!  Please say hello! :)

Above photos are by (AND main Profile Picture): Virgil Bunao of Virgil Bunao Photography

Our family :)

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