Dreamy Beds!

Hi everyone! Here in The South, things have gotten pretty cold. It actually snowed today about three inches-- I could hardly believe it! Needless to say, I spent the evening cuddled up on my couch, surfing Pinterest and watching last night's Bachelor episode.

During this period of lounging, I took a delightful nap in my cozy bed, which sent me on a long mental tangent about how much I love a great bed. There are so many important elements to a bed, so many opportunities to do something really spectacular.

Growing up, I always was fascinated by the idea of having valance draping over my headboard. I think I was so taken with this idea because of my love of every Disney Princess movie (they seem to be particularly popular with Walt Disney), and this idea of lush drapery is something I've never really forgotten (although - I should note that after I outgrew my fun bunk beds,  I had a pretty fabulous four poster bed... I loved it).

So, here are some of my favorite "mature" examples of this princess-ey look, proving that this is a style that can be anything from sophisticated, rustic, costal or elegant!

Enjoy, stay warm, and sweet dreams!


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