Coping With this Never-ending Snow-- Nordstrom Shoe Sale Picks!

If you live anywhere on the east coast, you're bound to have experienced some of this relentless snow-storm.  In North Carolina where I live, we have had a FOOT of snow! I know to some of you in the north and midwest read that and laugh at how little that really is, but to us here, its huge.

The thing about snow is that it is fun and pretty for a bit, and then it very quickly becomes NOT fun or pretty anymore (exception: skiing...bring on the snow!). 

Example: This morning, I set out to begin the process of heading to Charlotte to catch a flight to go visit my fiancé for Valentines Day (which I love!).  I walked out my apartment door, and was greeted by sheets of falling snow and so much crunchy ice-snow on the ground. 
I hiked my way up to my car, which I had preemptively parked near the exit of my apartment complex so I would not have to deal with the hills/ice, only to find that it had been barricaded in by the wall of snow created by the person who plowed the road. Ugh. 
I dug it out, with no shovel, for about an hour an a half, finally was able to pull my car out of its spot, and then got a call that my flight had been cancelled. 
Thanks, snow. 

Now I am stranded in my apartment for the second day in a row, and I am getting a little bit stir crazy... not to mention bummed out .

In dealing with my cabin fever, I decided to sift through Nordstrom's shoe sale and find my favorite picks and share them with you!

There are TONS of great shoes on sale so go check them all out for yourself! Stay warm and SAFE everyone!


PS: Anyone want to come have hot chocolate and s'mores with me?

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