New Favorite!

Hi Friends! I hope you are doing well! I had a great week celebrating my birthday.  I was fortunate enough to get to visit my fiancé this weekend in Florida and we had an amazing weekend. I am so excited that in just over a month I will be moving down there!!

Anyway, tonight's post serves as a public service announcement to all you ladies out there with tender scalps or long, tangly, fine, thick, or unruly hair.  I recently discovered The Wet Brush when I went to get my hair done by the fabulous woman who will be doing hair for our wedding!

To be totally honest with you guys, when stylists  start recommending me products, I basically just nod my head and smile knowing that there is no way I will be purchasing any of them.  While I love a great product as much as anyone else, that stuff can really add up!!

This was the rare time where I actually thought: "I NEED THIS!!"

The Wet Brush is like a miracle worker.  My hair is wavy, super thick, and fine; no matter how much conditioner or de-tangler I slather onto it, combing my hair out of the shower is always a battle that I do NOT look forward to.

The Wet Brush has changed all of this for me! It glides pain free through my wet, tangly, hair and it has brought so much ease to my post shower hair care routine! I highly highly recommend it!

Enjoy your Tuesday night!


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