Bachelorette Weekend!

This past weekend, my amazing bridesmaids surprised me for a bachelorette weekend on Dafuski Island, SC. I was so surprised and loved every single minute!

Here's how it went down:
About a week and a half ago, one of my bridesmaids, Claire, called me to tell me she and her sister (also one of my bridesmaids), were going on a last minute girls weekend trip to their family beach house in South Carolina because of their grandmother's 80th birthday earlier in the week.  Since Claire is interning in New York, this would be a great time for me to see her since the beach house is only about a four hour drive from Florida.

I was so excited about these "last minute" plans, and with my fiancé's encouragement to go for it, I told her I was all in! I didn't even pack until the morning I left, unconcerned with what I would be wearing on this lounge-y weekend.

I left earlier than I planned (classic Grace), and to get onto the island where the house is, you have to take a ferry that only runs at certain times.  I was planning to take the 3:30, but since I was making such great time, I started to try and aim for the 2:30. Little did I know, the rest of my bridesmaids were all racing me there!!

I ended up pulling up at the ferry house right at 2:40 and calling Claire that I had gotten there.  Much to her relief, I had missed the boat that my sister (maid of honor) was sailing over on! Phew!

When I got off the 3:30 ferry onto the island, Claire was waiting for me and I was so excited and happy to see her!! She drove me back to the house in their golf cart (there are only golf carts on the island-- how cool is that!?), I started telling her some really detailed story and was totally oblivious to my surroundings.  We pulled up on the beach road to behind the house, and I was facing away from the house looking at her and talking.

Suddenly, she yelled "LOOK!" and I spun around, shocked to see my bridesmaids (minus one who is in Kenya-- love you Stu!) holding signs that say "Grace's Bachelorette Weekend" and "Surprise"-- sorry for the bad I-phone pic-- but here you get the idea:

 It was such a great surprise and I was so overjoyed to have my favorite ladies in the same place for such a perfect and thoughtful weekend. They truly are the best!

We had such a blast, and here are some shots of the lovely decor set up by my lovely ladies (Mary Rives is an excellent crafter and party planner)!

- Personalized Cocktail Napkins-

- Printed Totes and Koozies-

-Handmade Paper Banners-

- And of Course, a Hashtag Canvas- 

Thankful for such wonderful friends!! Love you all!


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