Collecting Things in my Car!

I got a new car in February, and promised myself that I would keep it clean and neat.  With my previous car, I had a bad tendency to use it as a second closet.  By the time I turned it back in, I dragged out 4 pairs of shoes, three cardigans, an extra set of workout clothes, a linen dress I hadn't seen in three years, and a whole lot of other random things.

So, ever since I've been in my new car, I've been trying SO HARD to stop myself from just leaving things in it "in case I ever need them."  

Although I did notice that I had three T-shirts in the trunk today (whoops), I have to say I've been doing a lot better and I am pleased with my progression….

These are the essentials I am currently keeping in my center console:
1. Legally Blonde CD-- absolutely a must
2. Target Umbrella-- crucial for the out of nowhere Florida storms
3. Sunglasses
4. Sharpie Pens
5. Sour Ice Breakers-- SO good
6. Various Bracelets in case I forget to put on jewelry 
7. Listerine Strips 
8. Aquaphor Lip Ointment-- nothing works as well as this does
9. Mini Lint Brush
10. "Well Kept" "Everything" Wipes

Hope you had a great Monday!

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