Nail-Polish, Red Cups, and Blackfish

Hi Everyone! It has been (almost) two weeks since my last post... (un?) fortunately my Senior year of college has been much more busy than I anticipated!
So here is a crash course of what I have been up to recently. Get ready for picture overlaod:

1. Halloween: I had the amazing opportunity to go to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party in Disney World's Magic Kingdom.  I dressed up in a make-shift Minnie Mouse costume and the whole night was amazing. It was probably the best Disney experience I have had; the decorations were incredible and everyone was in costume!
Then, I came back to North Carolina for actual Halloween, where I did not dress up, and the night of Halloween I desperately sifted through my closet searching for anything orange I could possibly wear. I ended up wearing all black and used my ONE orange article of clothing - this Kate Spade bag. I was surprised this was the only orange object I own!

Finally, I forced my boxer Bella to pose in front of some festive pumpkins. 

2. I learned how to make the world's tastiest cake. My boyfriend's grandmother is an incredible cook and makes this legendary cake that has the creamiest home-made chocolate frosting. It was just an honor to observe it being made... I suspect my attempts to replicate it will never measure up to hers!

4. I got this amazing Essie nail polish called the For the Twill of It. It was a Halloween gift from Ben's mom and I love it.  In some lights it looks purple and in others it looks like a gun metal grey- awesome.

5. Then, November 1st rolled around and Starbucks red-cups came around!!! Hurray!!! I love this time of the year because every time I get coffee I am remembered to be in a good mood by the festive red cups. I know it may sound silly- but it is totally true!

6. I watched the Incredible documentary, Blackfish. This documentary is so eye-opening, shocking, and a must see. Basically, it is about Orca Whales in Sea World, but touches on so many issues of the inhumane treatment of animals and ethics in general.  It is now on iTunes! Watch it now!!

7. I wore a lot of sweaters and scarves. It has started to get really cold here (really cold is 40's to me) and so I have been transitioning in my fall wardrobe. I am a huge fan of layers so It is exciting to get to wear them now. 

8. I started to get my Christmas stuff out!!! Hurray!!! I've already gotten comments from people that I am doing this way too early but I would rather get started now and have things done to enjoy them when it gets closer to the time to celebrate the season.

Thats all for now! I hope you had great weeks and you have an even better weekend!


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