Since Ash Wednesday two days ago I've been really trying to figure out something meaningful for me to do this year for Lent. Every year I do give something up (usually food related), but this year I felt like I needed to do something that would really and truly challenge me and apply to this quote that is my lenten guide this year--

So I gave myself some time to think about it, read this article which gave me a lot of inspiration, and decided on doing a two part 40 day preparation for Easter this year-- the first focused on preparing myself on the interior, and the second on helping others. I struggled about whether or not to blog about this but have decided to mostly to give myself motivation to stick to it! If you all know about it, you can help me stay on track!!

Part 1 (Interior): I am "giving up" being uselessly negative or critical about people, circumstances, or things in my life. I notice myself too often complaining about things, which really means doing nothing about them except sitting around and talking about them. Being negative or complaining fruitlessly just ends up making me feel bad. If there is actually a serious issue that is upsetting to me, I will do something proactive about it -- sitting around lamenting about things that are trivial does no good.

Part 2 (Exterior): I saw people doing this last year, and I think it is perfect for this season… the 40 bags in 40 days Challenge! So everyday from February 18- April 5 (Easter) I have to fill a bag with things to give away to charity (I'm going to give to my favorite, Goodwill). It doesn't always have to be a big bag or anything like that, it can be a sandwich bag! But the act of giving something that we don't need anymore to someone who will appreciate it, every single day, I think will be a great reminder about how we should be living our lives.

I really credit my Mom and Dad for, as long as  I can remember, encouraging me to give old toys, books, clothes etc to charity multiple times a year-- as it became something I love doing-- that is definitely something that Ben and I want to instill one day in our future children!

*I know that not everyone practices a religion or Christianity but, regardless, I hope this can be of interest to you! It is always fun to challenge yourself and give to others! 

Have a great weekend!!


  1. I think mine are to give up wasting weekends (I tend to spend them sleeping and watching rubbish) and to take up more activities with my boyfriend.

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. Ooh those are good ones!!! I look forward to hearing how they go :) Have a great weekend