Valentines, Galentines!

Hello!! It has been ridiculously long since my last post, and since then I have gotten married! This winter has been such a whirlwind but I can't wait to share all the details of our amazing wedding with you. Things have been so crazy recently, but in a really good way, a really great way actually! I was talking to one of my best friends on the phone yesterday about what was going on in our lives, stress about jobs, "real world" fears, and we suddenly, at the same moment, had the realization that it was all stuff we should be excited about, not stressed about! We are only in our early 20's for so long and life is too short to be negative.

That being said, one of my most favorite holidays is coming up-- Valentine's Day! I am so thankful for my sweet husband, family friends and Valentine's day is such a happy day to take time and show love!
Case in point, I am coordinating my Valentine's socks with my Valentines donut this morning. 
For those of you who know me personally or have been reading my blog for awhile, you already know that I have an obsession with hearts, so when Valentine's "stuff" starts hitting stores I have to physically restrain myself from stocking up on every single heart sweater, mug, purse, sock, earring etc. out there.

So let me do your galantine's shopping for you this year with a VERY edited down list of some of my favorite treats!!

Have a great weekend!!

PS: we are getting a PUPPY this weekend !! I look forward to introducing you to him soon :)


  1. That cookie looks so yummy, & congrats on the new puppy!


    1. Thank you!! I am so excited to meet him tomorrow <3

  2. That donut looks AMAZING! I love the little heart sprinkles! Also I love that heart tote bag, it's so cute and perfect for this upcoming holiday :) Annnndd I have to say, I'm SO jealous you're getting a puppy! I can't wait to see pictures. We keep teasing ourselves by visiting the Humane Society... hopefully we'll be able to get one soon!