New Puppy!

As I mentioned last post, my husband and I just got a new puppy!! His name is Brutus and he is a 9 week old English Bulldog. Picking him up and bringing him home was a huge process as he was in North Carolina and we live in Florida, so we ended up driving 8 hours after picking him up… he did great though!!

Here are some pics:

There were two puppies in the litter, and my sister ended up buying Brutus's sister! Her name is Rosie and she is a sweet little princess!

So far, Brutus sleeps a lot, likes to play with toys, and is definetly teething. He loves to snuggle, and enjoyed going for walks for a grand total of two days when he decided he hated walking. Anytime we try to put a leash on him now he just sits down and whimpers! Hopefully it is just a phase. 

We love him so much!! If you want to see more pics you can follow the pups on insta: @brutus_and_rosie or me if you're not already: @gracie_mcd

Have a great President's Day and I'll be back Wednesday!!