Favorite Coffee Table Books {Currently}!

Hi guys and happy half-way through the week! Hope its been good to you so far. Today I want to share a few of my favorite coffee table books. My mom has always decorated with and collected coffee table books, so growing up I was always surrounded by the glossy pages of far away locations, beautiful art work, or cozy decorating ideas. Just like her, I love books and I love to decorate with them as well!  They are a great way to show personality in your home as they are a fantastic opportunity to showcase your interests or passions.

Here are my current favorites:

1. Hue by Kelly Wearstler // 2. Will Cotton Paintings and Works on Paper by Francine Prose // 3. Houses in My heart: Carleton Varney by Carleton Varney // 4. Contemporary Classical: The Architecture of Andrew Skurman by Andrew Skurman // 

Hue was introduced to me by a woman I used to babysit for who loved interior designer/fashion designer Kelly Wearstler's style. It definitely rubbed off on me and this is such a fun book for colorful inspiration, decorating outside the box, and looking at cool modern art. My only complaint is that I have the smaller version and I wish I had gotten the larger book so that it has more presence, but still, one of my favorites for sure.

Will Cotton by Will Cotton is like looking through dreamland. His paintings and drawings mainly feature women dressed up in all kinds of candy or cakes, or landscapes of candy-worlds. His work is seriously amazing (you may remember him from Katy Perry's teenage dream album cover/artwork). 

I purchased Houses in my Heart while on vacation with my family at the stunning Greenbrier Resort. I have always loved The Greenbrier and the way that Dorothy Draper decorated it with bright colors and fun florals (check out In the Pink: Dorothy Draper).  Carleton Varney is now the president of Dorothy Draper and Co. Inc and is active in decorating many hotels including the Greenbrier. This book has beautiful images of his bright and vibrant decorating.

Finally, Contemporary Classical was a gift from my parents and I find it very relaxing to look through. Skurman's clean lines and classic aesthetic are refreshing in a world where there is so much stimulation.  This book is fantastic for the interior decor and the architecture alike. 

What are some of your coffee table books? Have a great afternoon!!


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