Beautiful Wedding Bouquets with a Personal Touch!

I hope you are having a great Wednesday so far! As you know, I am currently in the midst of wedding planning (less than 6 months to go!!) and I have been crazy on Pinterest finding all kinds of cool ideas I would never think of.

One of my favorite things I have discovered is the idea of the "personalized"bouquet.  I think its such a special thing to have a small, meaningful detail hidden away for the bride as she walks down the aisle. 

Here are some of my favorites!
Rustic Wedding Chic  (1) and Something Turquoise (2) 
1. I love this Southern Louisiana bouquet from Rustic Wedding Chic because of the meaningful rosary (or prayer beads) they intwined within the flowers. Not only is it beautiful, but I really like the idea of a family heirloom.
2. This monogramed burlap detail is subtle and pretty and a nice way to show off your new last initial!

Fab Mood (3) and Style Me Pretty (4)
3. This bouquet featured on Fab Mood I think is so sweet for putting subtle pictures of loved ones or your loved ones who have passed away. Its a beautiful way to have them walk down the aisle "with" you.
4. This idea may be my favorite because it is probably the easiest to incorporate! This bride took lace from her mother's wedding dress and used it to wrap around her bouquet… so beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed and have a wonderful night!!



  1. I love the elegance yet the simplicity of this bouquet :) Nice post!

    Oh, and I wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster award :)

  2. Thanks for your comment Emily and thank you SO much for your nomination! You are so sweet. I've been loving reading your blog!! Have a great afternoon :)