Why Boxers are the Best!

First of all-- my apologies that tonight's post is a bit random! Going through old photos in my iPhoto app, I am simultaneously embarrassed, proud, and amazed by how many pictures I have of my dogs.  I've had boxers for basically as long as I can remember (so yes, I am a bit biased…) and believe wholeheartedly that they are the world's greatest dogs.  I could go on forever , but here are just a few reasons why..

1. They don't mind when you make them pose for cheesy Christmas Card photos.

2. No matter what the age or size, they always believe they are lapdogs.

3. They will always find something to cuddle.

4.  They love to give kisses to their human family...

5. … and they love each other too!

6. They are the perfect companion for play, work, or travel.

7. And finally, they are ALWAYS happy to see you, giving the best "Welcome Home" in the world.

Happy Monday! I hope you've had a great start to a fresh new week :)


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