Wallpaper Crush!

My family and I once lived in a historic home that had been around for many many years. It was a beautiful house with lots of fun quirks, one of them being a breakfast nook with blue vinyl booths installed circa 1961.  I was a huge fan at the time, but my parents? Not so much.

One weekend we embarked on the family project of tearing out the booths (sad for me) and in the process, also de-walpapering the room.  The booths were easy to remove, the wallpaper was NOT. There were honestly about 10 layers of wallpaper, documenting every crazy trend in decorating since the turn of the century.

Even though my dad did all of the work removing the paper, ever since then I have been traumatized at the thought of installing or removing wallpaper, vowing to only be a paint girl for the rest of my days.

Recently, thanks to Pinterest, I'm starting to change my opinion about wallpaper. I love that it serves as extended art and can really set the tone for any decorating style. Here are some of my recent favorites:

1. Wild: As a huge fan of animal prints and metallics, I love this look. The great thing about this paper is that it is not too animal print-y… it almost reads as a texturized polka dot print. Either way I love it!

2. Beachy Traditional: These soft blue/grays and flowy medallion shapes are right up my alley. 

Also love the organic look of this orange/beige print 

3. Classic: What is more classic looking than a graphic black and white pattern? Loving how this paper looks framed within the moldings… like giant pieces of art!

4. Girly: Pink + White + Quatrefoil pattern = Heaven. Love the softness of the pink with the white. So relaxing!

What are your thoughts on wallpaper??



  1. Love these shots! Beautiful wallpaper!


    1. I agree!! I am changing my mind about wallpaper! Have a great weekend