Some Ikea Favorites!

Happy Friday!! :)

Today I want to share two of my favorite items that I consider to be "Ikea Staples." I LOVE Ikea and one of my favorite activities is to go to there, grab some free coffee and a cinnamon roll (they have the BEST) and walk around the show room looking at all the clever set-ups. When we got an Ikea and I was still living in Charlotte, my mom and I would probably go once a week in the morning and do that… happy memories!

Anyway, I know lots of people do not like assembling furniture and therefore never go there, but some of their best things are in their home decor/ accessory department and require little to no assembly.

One of the best things they offer, in my opinion, is the RIBBA series of frames. They are so inexpensive for how high-end they look.  The matt quality is high and I love that they offer them in a variety of colors (although I always go for the classic white).

I have two of the 19 3/4 by 27 1/2 size ones hanging side by side and I love how they look.  I picked up some wrapping paper from Paper Source that I loved, popped it into the frames, and voilia! Very inexpensive but fun wall art.

The small sizes are great too!! I have this hanging by my desk:

I am also a big fan of the GARNITYR Box with Lid.  When you don't have a lot of storage space, plastic bins are great and all, but why keep things in ugly bins when you can store them in boxes that are actually attractive? These are SO roomy and you can really squeeze a lot into them because they are fabric and stretch a bit.  Also, they have a handy tab so you can label it and know exactly what is inside!

I have them on top of BRIMNES 3 door Wardrobe which was NOT easy to assemble (My amazing fiancĂ© did the whole thing), but is great now that it is done! 

Do you guys have any Ikea products that you love?

Happy Weekend! Tune in this Sunday for the 3rd "Work of the Week"!


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