Favorite Nail Polishes!

Happy FRIDAY lovelies!! I hope it has been a great week.

Today I wanted to share some of my absolute favorite nail polishes. Essie and OPI are by far my two favorite nail polish brands because they generally dry quickly (OPI even more fast-drying than Essie) which is a MUST for me because I am totally impatient when it comes for waiting for my nails to dry.  They also both have great/easy to use brushes… also a must for me because as you can see in the "swatches" I did, I am a bit messy at nail painting.

Here's the lineup:

From L to R- "Ballet Slippers" is one of my favorite neutral colors because it is a subtle pink but has a lot of white in it. " Mod Square" is by far my favorite true "Pink" color! It is definitely a bright or hot pink, super saturated with more red tones than purple. "For the Twill of it" is an amazing color because it is metallic/ iradecent so in some lights it looks grey, others a dark purple. Definitely my most favorite color for winter (although I wore it just last week!).

O P I 

From L to R- "Do You Lilac It?" is the perfect purple, not too pastel and not too dark. Beautiful lilac color! "Cosmo Not Tonight Honey?" is a neutral beige-y color made amazing. Metallic, shimmery, and gorgeous, my go-to year round.  "Princesses Rule" is a pink, but has an almost clear base with pink glitter in it. I love it by itself for a more subtle look, but it is also gorgeous as a top coat over a pink or red. "Big Apple Red" is the truest red color I've ever seen.  It is shiny, super pigmented, and just all around wonderful.

I hope you enjoyed and let me know if you have any polishes you love! Happy happy weekend!



  1. Love all these! "For the Twill of It" looks great on fair girls too...sometimes it's hard to find dark polishes for light-skinned girls, but all the tones in this one make it look so pretty on my toes.

    Enjoy your weekend! I've had so much fun looking around your blog today...new follower :)
    Love, Gigi
    Dolce and Gabriella

    1. Such a great point Gigi! I just moved to Florida from NC so I am a bit tanner now than I usually am, but in the winter I am definitely very fair and I still love it then. I never feel like I can pull of black or really dark blues but somehow I feel like this one works.
      Thank you so much for stopping by! I really enjoy your blog and reading about your adventures!! Have a wonderful weekend :)