Favorite Charleston Restaurants!

Hi again from Charleston! I hope you all have been having great weeks so far. My mom and I are having an incredible time here in South Carolina. Today we went to our future wedding reception venue and got to do an extensive tasting of possible food options, and then went to the bakery our wedding planner (A Charleston Bride --check them out) suggested to do a cake tasting! I am sad that my fiancĂ© "missed out" on this, but at the same time I'm excited because he will get to be surprised by the deliciousness!!

By the way, the bakery we are using, Ashely Bakery  is fantastic and I really recommend them if you ever need a bakery in the Charleston SC area!
AMAZING cake tasting! So hard to pick just a couple! 
Anyway, today I want to feature three of my favorite restaurants in Charleston.  There are so many incredible restaurants here, but these three would definitely be in my top 5! Here they are (in no particular order)

1. F I G 
 (Food is Good)
Incredibly warm, inviting, comfortable, unpretentious and cozy, this is a Charleston MUST-eat. I remember the first time my parents took me here (circa a decade ago) and thinking it was like no restaurant I'd ever been to before. I was right! I love that they use only local produce and ingredients, serving eccentric food with wholesome ingredients you can be confident are only the best. 

I ate: 
ricotta gnocchi with sea island grass beef bolognese (and my mom's salad of GEM lettuces)
freshly caught mustard amberjack fish (and my mom's fish stew in coquette) 

2. C R U    C A F E
Classic low country comfort food, served in a historic yellow Charleston cottage with quaint porches, this restaurant exudes the spirit of the city.  It is extremely small, but also extremely comfortable. The menu has a wide amount of variation and the portion sizes are small enough that you can order multiple things (which I love!)

One of my favorites….
-small plate-
peaches n' cream: grilled balsamic peach, honey cream, and bacon jam

3. I N D A C O 
This very new (for Charleston) Italian restaurant is absolutely delicious. It is only a year old, but has been thriving in its upper King Street Location. My mom and I had heard great things, and we were NOT disappointed! They have a superior selection of pastas, pizzas, appetizers, fish, veggies, wine, etc. 
The ambiance is also really fun, with exposed brick and beams creating an industrial-italian-comfortable-southern fusion look. I don't know how they pulled that off, but they really did!

I ate…
black pepper tagliatelle, carbonara, pork tesa, egg yolk, chives, peccorino romano (and my mom's roasted and pan seared summer vegetables)

Do any of you have any favorite Charleston restaurants?? Or do any of these sound good to you? I am going to go to sleep and dream of food tonight!


  1. wow, all this food looks so delicious!! my mouth is watering looking at your pictures!! xxxx

    1. They were all amazing!! Charleston has great restaurants. Hope you're having a great day! :)

  2. how gorgeous do those cakes look! amazing post- i love your blog, really glad i found it x


    1. They were so tasty!! Thanks for stopping by!! I appreciate it :)